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Everyone who previously signed up for the mailing list, listen up. You have not been receiving any update notices because Bravenet has not recorded the fact that you have signed up. Why? I don't know. But thanks to Jen, this issue has been brought up. Thanks, Jen! ::waves:: And all this time I just thought no one wanted to join. ::sobs:: But it's all good, because here's my new method: Just send me an e-mail with the heading "newsletter subscription" or something similar, and you're on it. Simple, ain't it? Well, please e-mail me at I am so very sorry for this inconvenience.
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Join my list.
Pretty please?
Mailing List FAQs
So you know it says "Newsletter" on the Navigation bar. Where is it?
In order to receive the newsletter every 2-3 weeks, you need to join the list. Don't worry, I won't spam you, it's just a simple newsletter telling you what's updated in the site and in the Dead Zone show.
Why start a newsletter now?
Lately I've had complaints about people clicking on Tripod's little "tell me when this page is updated" button and getting notices that there's an update practically every week, even when nothing seems to have changed with the site. Don't worry guys, you're not insane, I tweak the site a lot, nothing major. So now you can really know when there are updates.
Do we *have* to join to get the newsletter?
Yes. ::glares:: Okay, okay, if someone comes up with another way to run things, let me know. But I think this is the easiest way short of e-mailing everyone personally, and we all know that Badger has plenty of *other* things to do. I lead a busy life, ya know? ::tumbleweed blows down empty street::
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