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My Favorite Ghost Links:
Accounts of hauntings in three colleges
The X-Project Magazine makes for a fascinating read in all paranormal subjects
Site famous for its info on ghosts - haunted colleges in particular ;)
My favorite site. Many many ghost stories, as well as info on what to do if you are experiencing a haunting.
My Favorite Fanfiction Links:
A great Dead Zone fic archive, the oldest I know of so far.
Everyone should know about this site by now :) Cross your fingers and hope it's working!
All 'shipper. All the time. :) The one stop place for all of your J/D needs.
Some interesting fics, including a crossover with one of my favorite shows, Smallville.
Everything for the Dead Zone enthusiast- fanfic, articles, episode guide and the coolest group ever.
The *ultimate* place for Dead Zone fanfiction.  A very promising new archive.

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Please refrain from yelling at me if you find offensive content in any of the fanfiction links. Since pretty much anyone is allowed to post at some sites, in particular, there may be some fics that are way out there.

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