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What is a haunting?
A place is usually considered to be haunted when there is a history of sightings of "spirits." Other aspects of a haunting include unexplainable noises, strange sensations and movement of objects without anyone actually touching them.
Types of hauntings
1) The residual haunting: A recording of the past that is being replayed continuosly. The spirit has no consciousness. The event imprints itself into the surrounding environment and will replay visually and/or audibly. Famous examples include the famous Brown Lady of Raynam Hall and Anne Boleyn running through the Tower of London. In battlefield hauntings entire battles are reenacted, ex. from the U.S. Civil War.
Brown Lady of Raynham HallBrown Lady photo published in British magazine Country Life, on 26th December 1936
2) Photographic haunting: Ghosts are not seen until after a photograph is examined. They will be manifested as orbs (not to be confused with flying insects, etc), ectoplasm (mists), vortexes, or more rarely as actual transparent body parts.
3) The tragic accident and wreckage: Death is so sudden and tragic that the spirit does not realize that it is dead, and stays with the wreckage. One example of this is the famous aircraft carrier, the USS Hornet, which was featured in a History Channel special. Arguably the most haunted ship in America, it was commissioned in 1943 (the eighth to bear the Hornet name) and destroyed 1,410 Japanese aircraft during WWII. In her 27 years of service more than 300 sailors lost their lives serving aboard her in combat or accidents. Today visitors report spectral sailors, doors opening and closing, and feeling eerie presences. You can still see the Hornet today at Alameda Naval Base, California.
U.S. Naval Archives
4) Out of body experience: I do not consider this to be an actual haunting in the traditional sense of the word. However, a living person is seen in one location while their physical body is actually in another. Sometimes the apparition is seen as translucent, at other times, solid.
5) The object apparition: The manifestation of an actual object. This is probably related to intense emotions felt by the departed person who once used the object or was killed by it.
6) The traditional or intelligent haunting:  Manifests in such a way that it is able to interact with people and places that they are connected with. Such spirits do not realize they are dead, died traumatically, or are emotionally connected to living loved ones. This haunting is the most famous, but one of the rarest.
7) The ghost ship:Apparition of an *entire* ship (not wreckage), sometimes with passengers. The most famous example of this is the Flying Dutchman, a ship that set sail in 1680 from Amsterdam to a port in Dutch East India. Commanded by Hendrick Vanderdecken , the ship encountered a severe storm while rounding the Cape of Good Hope and foundered. Since then the ship has been seen repeatedly, the most famous observer being King George V in 1881. The last sighting was in 1942 off the coast of Cape Town.
Illustration by Gustav Dore, from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Death and Life-In-Death play for the souls of humans

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Haunted Colleges of America
State: Massachusetts
Manifestations: Eugene O'Neill, a playwright who lived in what became Shelton Hall, haunts the floor on which he died in 1953.
State: Pennsylvania
Manifestations: Since 1956 a female ghost has appeared in Butz Hall.
State: Pennsylvania
Manifestations: The library was once used as a field hospital during the Civil War. Once two administrators went into the library's basement as encountered a doctor in Civil War-era clothes and heard the screams of wounded soldiers. Apparitions of other soldiers have also been seen.
State: Massachusetts
Manifestations: Spectres dressed in Victorian clothing go in and out of Thayer Hall's walls. This university is the oldest in the U.S., founded 16 years after the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, and parts of it were once used as a textile mill.
State: Illinois
Manifestations: The spirit of a suicide victim is said to haunt Aston Hall, which was built in 1907. She disappears through walls and is visible only from the waist up, surprising people so much that the hall was partially closed in the 1940's due to the sightings. Millikin Gym was built in 1911, and there have been stories of unexplainable noises and voices in the upstairs area of the building.
State: Maryland
Manifestations: This college was founded in 1808 and remains the oldest Catholic college in the U.S. The ghost of Revered Simon Brute haunts Room 252 of the Residence Hall. In 1973 a priest who stayed in that room heard strange noises and stepped out of the room. When he returned his room was torn apart. Electrical appliances would flick on and off and his possesions were strewn about the once tify room. Later another priest who stayed in that room had a cat who acted strangely, hissing at the air and hiding under the bed.  This behavior continued until he moved out.
State: Nebraska
Manifestations: The ghost of a student who fell from the rigging in the 1940's is said to haunt the theater. He died during a production of Macbeth, and is said to appear whenever this play is performed.
State: Ohio
Manifestations: Rests in the Hocking Hills region, which is reputed to be haunted. Poltergeist activity occured in the Delta Tau Delta House after  students stole a headstone from Simms Cemetery. Odd things happen in the bathrooms of Jefferson Hall, and at the top floor of the building occasionally one can hear the sound of hundreds of marbles dropping to the floor. A girls basketball team haunts Washington Hall (legend has it that they were killed in a bus accident). The main college green is haunted by a headless buffalo killed by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The buffalo's head hangs in Buffalo Wings and Rings in Athens.
State: Pennsylvania
Manifestations: Watts Hall is haunted by the spirit of a mule - a former school mascot. In the 1990's poltergeist activity was experienced in Runkle Hall.
State: Pennsylvania
Manifestations: Eerie sensations and shadowy forms have been felt and seen in Hawthorne Residence Hall and the Fine Arts Center.
State: Minnesota
Manifestations: St. John is a Catholic university that is haunted by the mother of a monk killed during the construction of the Abbey Church in the 1880's. She later drowned in a lake near the church when her buggy overturned. There is another haunting by the ghost of Brother Anselm Bartolome, who drowned in Sagatagon Lake. His wet footprints appear in the building in which he taught and he is seen at night by the lake.
State: Maryland
Manifestations: Founded before the Civil War by Mother Seton, is buried on campus grounds. Her spirit has been seen in the hallways, accompanied by a ghostly doctor. This college was used as a hospital during the Civil War.
State: New York
Manifestations: Unknown, except a few buildings have reported some strange phenomena.
State: Nebraska
Manifestations: In 1940 the head of the music department, Miss Urania Clara Mills, was found dead in the C.C. White building at the age of 60. Twenty years later a Mrs. Coleen Buterbaugh, stepped into the offlices that once belonged to Miss Mills on an errand. All noise from the music room ceased and Buterbaugh smelled a powerful gas-like odor. In the doorway she saw an apparition of a woman reaching into a cabinet - a woman who matched the description of Miss Mills. In later years the sounds of a piano were heard in a basement theater - when investigated the theater was empty and the piano cover was closed.
State: Connecticut
Manifestations: Organ music has been heard in Woolsey Hall by both students and teachers, although no one is ever there.

*Your* Ghost Stories!
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Disclaimer: Obviously I cannot be certain of the accuracy of any of the stories submitted. As with any tales of the supernatural, it is up to the reader to take each story with a grain of salt. Remember, however, to keep an open mind!