The Badger's Den
Visions From Equestria

Author: Paige Kaile  
Disclaimer: Dead Zone characters belong to USA Network and Lion's Gate Productions.

Spoilers: None

A beat up pickup truck and horse trailer, pull into the plant at Gaits Meat Packing Plant in Bangor Maine. The trailer rocks as a horse slams into the side. Darrel Gaits looks at the two Men inside the truck as they pull up beside his clean dark colored Cadillac Seville. 

G]"Is that the horse?"]  

{Gaits is the ugly sort of guy you see in those mobster movies who thinks his wealth protects him from the law.} His thugs in the Pickup are equally ugly and none of them care about the welfare of the horse in the trailer, which rocks violently. 

Thug1] "That's him, But what's the big deal?"  

{Gaits looks at the thug. then at the trailer. It shudders with another blow from the horse inside and the night air echoes with the shrill screams as it fights to escape. 

G]"This is a favor for an old friend." {Gaits smiles but it only serves to make his face even more ugly.  

G]"Make sure he's on his way to France before sun up."] 

{The thugs drive up toward the plant, the old trailer rocks again as the horse Strikes a blow only this time the back ramp of the trailer falls and the horse breaks the rope that holds him inside! He bolts out and rears spinning on his hind legs and charges the open gate as the thugs look on the horse a magnificent Bay Thoroughbred Stallion escapes, smashing the windshield of the Seville as it lashes out violently at Gaits who draws a gun to shoot the horse but falls to the slick wet pavement.}  

G]"Shoot him if he gets away, you'll be the ones going to France as horse meat!"] 

{The horse escapes and runs off into the city streets and the worst snow storm in years begins to blow in.}  

{Gaits sees the bay Gelding realizing that it wasn't the horse he had sent his goons after. He looks at his men. Then staggers into the plant. Mumbling as he goes.}  



{The next Morning Johnny wakes up to find that the storm has turned his world white!

He smiles as he notices the beauty of this wintery dawn. He has breakfast, and goes out to the carport to find a horse laying in his yard overcome by the cold.}

J] "Oh god Where did this come from?"  

{He sees the tracks and knows Some one will be looking for this poor horse. It looks too well kept to be abandoned.} 

J] "Well my big Friend I can't leave you out here. "] He looks at the size of the animal and shakes his head. [" Certainly not the most common of house guests I've ever had. "] 

{Johnny Manages to get the horse up on its feet, and into the solarium, gets out an electric blanket, with which he covers the huge animal. As best he can.} 

J]" Call Walt, He'll know about any missing horses in the area, Maybe I should call a vet too better not take any chances."] 

{Suddenly a memory from his past rises and Johnny stands frozen to the spot. A horse rearing up at him it's hooves just barely missing him as he is pulled from the stall by his uncle Markus. He looks at the horse and his body shivers. Even laying still the huge stallion, looks like a threat.} 

J]"Definitely call Walt get that thing out of here."]  

{He Pick's up the phone and dials hurriedly. His hands shaking as he tries to keep calm.} 

(Sheriffs Office)  

{Walt Bannerman is listening to the weather reports and finding that half the county is cut off from the other due to downed power lines and blocked roads. The phone rings.

He looks up. looking at it he sighs.  

W]"Penobbscott county Sheriff's office."  

J] "Hey Walt."] 

{Walt smiles, it's been a while since any one's heard from Johnny and He's expecting something about a vision But what the psychic, tells him is shocking to say the least.} 

W] "A horse? Where'd it come from?"  

J] "Right now all I want is to get him some where that knows how to take care of him. Walt. We can work on the rest later. "] 

{Walt Looks at Roscoe, Who's sitting at his desk The deputy joins him, with pad and pen to take down the horse's description. He puts Johnny on the speaker phone, and Tells him to describe the horse while Roscoe Writes it all down.} 

J] " He's a big athletically built Brown horse, with black mane, tail, and 3legs there's White on the right fore leg, from the hoof to the knee, and a small white diamond like mark on his face. He's got a white mark on his left rear shaped like an A on a curved line. "] 

W] "Alright John, I'm coming over to have a look at him. Roscoe's running him through the Stolen, horse Database Just relax, and I'll call the county vet and be there as soon as I can."]  

J]"What do I do if it has to go?"] 

{ Walt Smiles and Looks up at Roscoe. Who has an equally amused _expression.}


W] "Get a shovel and haul it out to the compster. That stuff make great fertilizer."] 

{Johnny looks at the horse, who is now standing looking around. The warm blanket seems to be to his liking. He looks at Johnny and lifts his ears. it looks at the human and then at the blanket. Johnny stands very still as the horse looks at him.} 

J]"Walt, he's awake, And I'm not exactly comfortable around horses."] 

W]"John it's going to be alright From what you told me he's a well cared for animal. Which means he's not dangerous. We'll have him out of there as soon as we can. Now we have a lot to do here there's a lot of other horses not lucky enough to have you find them and take them in, they know the good guys from the bad guys John. I know about that personally. You're safe, He knows who he can trust. "] 

{Walt has to hang up as other calls start coming in from other areas.}  

J] "Great just great. I'm stuck in the house with a very big steel shod house guest."]  

{The horse looks out at the snow and then back at Johnny. It's thinking and He shudders.

as the animal slowly gets up, and shakes the blanket off. It's big brown eyes scan the sun room, and then turn to Johnny. It stands quietly as it waits for something.

Johnny stands there unsure of what to do. He hears the deep growling of the horses

Stomach and realises he hasn't eaten either.} 


J]" O.k. he's hungry I'm hungry, I guess that means we need breakfast. But What does he eat? O.K. Your a horse Horses are herbivores they eat grains, grass, Don't have any Grass, But I might have some grain....."]  

{Cut to the kitchen Johnny hunts through the cupboards and find a box of oatmeal. He pours that into a big mixing bowl and adds some chopped up apples and carrots. He returns to find his guest still standing looking out at the snow. It turns to him and sniffs at the contents of the bowl then begins to eat. Johnny not ever having had a pet, is scared but the horse, munches on the make shift feed contentedly putting the man at ease. Then Johnny's abilities kick in and he can taste the food the horse is eating. He looks at the horse, unsure of what just happened, Johnny looks at his companion.}  

J]"(thinking )O.k. What Just happened?"]  

{He mumbles to himself. He looks at the horse, Who's finishing up his meal. Johnny stands there as the animal walks back to the windows, and looks out at the snow. Johnny is dumb founded as he realizes he has just had a very surprising new development. He quickly gets a clipboard and some of notebook Paper and a pen, and begins taking notes.} 

J]"O.k. This is a horse not a human, so I'm feeding the horse, and I touch him He's eating, and I taste the feed. Which really wasn't half bad. Man this is too weird."]


{Cut back to the Meat packing Plant Gaits is pacing the office while his goons are trying cover their inability to find a single horse running loose in the city!} 

G]"(On the phone with his men) Where are you now?"]  

Thug1] We're at the docks, but there's no sign of that damned horse. It's like he's a ghost or somethin'"] 

G]" you're going to be ghosts yourselves if that horse get's away! There's a lot of money at stake here. and if you don't bring that animal back here, I'm going to kill both of you and grind your bodies into thugburger!"] 

{Gaits hangs up and turns toward the window to see that the local Equine Rescue and several police have arrived with horse trailers in tow. The heard of horses he had intended to ship off to France, are being taken and He goes down stairs.}  





(Cut to the two Thugs and their truck)Same time 

{The Beat Up truck rolls through the streets, near the meat packing plant, and They are looking at the snow covered pavement as if it could tell them, where the horse had gone.}  
Thug1]" Where the heck would I go if I was a horse?"] 

Thug2]"I'd find some other horses and a warm barn."] 

Thug1]"If he was a normal horse an' lookin' for company yeah but that one's crazy.] 

Thug2] "Why'd the boss have us steal him any way?"] 

Thug1] "Because He owed a favor."] 


[Later that afternoon] 

{Johnny has the stallion outside, He watches at it plays in the snow prancing as it enjoys the energy of the cold weather. Johnny stands watching the animal who trots up to him it's brown eyes shining. He touches the mole soft skin of the stallion and his abilities kick in.

(Vision Sequence) 

: He's in a stall with the horse as a woman comes up to the stallion and reaches out with a treat in her and he feels the horse's bond with her. She's gentle her voice soft.{"Come on Gambit"} (Sequence ends): 

J] "Gambit?"  

{He looks into the horse's eyes. The face of the young woman still fresh in his mind he quickly writes down a description of her, to hand over to Walt when he arrives. Johnny

looks at the note pad he's been using. it's been a very interesting day as his abilities have given him a look into a whole other world. He looks at Gambit in wonder. The horse stops playing and stands looking over the fence, His eyes searching for his owner. Johnny looks at the horse and knows what he's looking for.} 

J]"She's looking for you Gambit, Don't worry She'll come for you."]  

{Johnny puts a hand on Gambit's shoulder and the horse turns his head toward him He rubs the muzzle gently and then the pair return to the house Just in time to heat the buzzer at the for the front gate. It's Walt, and a grey haired man in his late fifties.

Johnny opens the gate for them. Walt sees the copious notes and Johnny looks at him a little embarrassed, but Walt smiles. 

W] "How's your house guest?"  

J]" We've been getting along great, but He misses his owner. He keeps looking out the Window, It's weird but I know what Gambit's looking for."]

{Walt is unphased by this He's been around Johnny Long enough to know that He's gathered some information, from the horse itself. He looks at the vet who's standing there wide-eyed. But He picks up the notes and is pleased to find Johnny was careful to keep track to of the time and exact elements of his visions. He notes that a lot of what Johnny's experienced with Gambit, has been far different from past visions. But then Gambit isn't human. He looks at Johnny who's still not really sure of what's been happening.} 

{ The vet decides to do what he's come to and leave the other to the Sheriff, and he goes back to look at the stallion who is looking at the new comers and then at Johnny.} 

W] "So you found out his name huh?"] 

J] yeah it's kinda been a wild day Walt but I've never experienced any thing like this before, I can't descibe it I've been A horse all day."]  

{Walt has to laugh about that comment. But he had expected it. Johnny looked at the Stallion Who was standing his head held high as the vet looked him over. The Horse let's this stranger pick up his feet, and check his teeth ect. The vet returns to them and smiles. } 

Vet] "He's fine not even showing any sign that he's been hypothermic. You've done a fine job taking care of him Mr. Smith."] 

W] Did you find a Micro Chip, somethin' might tell us where he comes from?"] 

Vet]"Nah, but I did find a small cut in a place where one might have been. "] 

J] "Is there any thing on that Mark I found on his left rear side?"] 

W] Not yet but the national Database, isn't current and by the time it is, Most of the horses on it are either slaughtered for meat, or sold overseas. There are the Equestrian

web sites but even that takes time."]  

{Then he held up the one page where Johnny describes the owner of the stallion.} 

W]" This however is our big edge. You got a good bit of information here John. I'm Glad you wrote it down. "] 

J]" I needed to try to get it straight myself Walt. A lot of this stuff has been tactile.

sight, Smell, touch, taste, Hearing. It's pretty out there even for me."] 

{Walt looks at Johnny with an amused _expression. He can't help actually feeling that Johnny had also beaten back a spectre, that has been haunting him for a long time.} 

W]" you said you weren't comfortable with having Gambit here, I've been wondering why all day."] 

{Johnny looked at him then at the vet, his discomfort about the incident, was plainly written on his face.} 

J]"I was kicked by a horse when I was four. He may not have meant it but it still left me scared of horses."]  

{Walt nodded He could understand that He looked at Johnny. Suddenly realizing that Johnny hadn't had so much as a mouse growing up from what Sarah told him that Johnny had never had a pet. Walt had grown up on a farm, so he was comfortable around animals large and small. Johnny's experiences had been largely meeting other people's pets. He began to think about this and his decision to Move Gambit sounded more like a good idea. The horse followed Johnny outside into the front yard and seeing the trailer, the stallion backed up. His head high his ears pinned. Johnny touched him and saw the escape of the night before.} (Vision Sequence)  

(The sound of the Trailer Ramp falling down and hooves as the horse backed out the smell of death, shouts and faces of those who took him. The horse bolted away knocking one of the men down and running away as gunfire sounded behind him.) The Sequence ends.  

{Johnny realizes that Gambit, is scared and doesn't want to go into the trailer Because He's afraid of Where they might take him. the horse looks at him. He smiles and goes into the trailer. Gambit hesitates, and Johnny stands there looking back at him. Walt watches the non-verbal exchange.}  

W]" Sometime today Gambit."]  


{Johnny sees the fear in Gambit's eyes and walks into the trailer the stallion watches him warily then follows him inside. Walt smiles as he watches Johnny handling not only a horse, but his own and Gambit's fears. 

J] It's alright Gambit come on boy."] 

{Walt shrugs When Johnny tries to leave the trailer, and Gambit screams!

Then kicks the side of the trailer. He looks at Johnny with a knowing look as the other man calms the horse.} 

J]" Easy Gambit, it's alright I'm not goin' any where."]  

{Walt closes the trailer ramp and begins the drive to the police stables.

The stallion looks at the man at his side. Scared as he is Johnny is fighting his own fears. After a few moments relaxes. Gambit nickers softly to him, and

Johnny smiles at the horse, he has been through a very strange day. He looks at the horse and they both have a moment to relax. Gambit munches on the hay in the haynet. While Johnny Stands leaning against the horse for support. His cane almost useless in the swaying trailer.}  

J]"you must have a really good life. Why would someone steal you? There's just no understanding people sometimes."]  


{The stallion seems almost asleep and Johnny watches him. He strokes the sleek neck of the horse. Gambit feels the trailer stop, Johnny too looks out at the Police stables.

He looks at Johnny. There's a few more seconds as Walt backs the trailer into an off loading area. it's not the smoothest of rides but Gambit helps Johnny stay on his feet.} 

J]"How do you put up with such a rough ride?"] 

{Gambit makes a nicker that sounds to Johnny like he's laughing. He chuckles himself.

then the ramp comes down Walt looks into the trailer to find Johnny is still there in one piece.} 

W]"Alright guys let's go."] 

J]" Come on Gambit."] 

{The stallion follows as he is led from the trailer, He looks around then continues to follow Johnny as he walks out into the stabling area. Walt smiles as Johnny puts the horse into the designated stall. Then he and Johnny go to the office, and look through the notes Johnny has made.} 

W]"You've had one heck of a day John." {Teasingly} "Sounds like you two enjoyed sharing breakfast."  

J]"Funny Walt very funny."  

{Both can see the humor in some of the things Johnny went through. But some of it is serious. Johnny has descriptions of the men who stole Gambit. This Walt set aside along with the description of the woman who is believed to be Gambit's owner.} 

J]" They took him as a favor to someone else Walt. I can't believe that such a thing can happen. Is the world really that callous?"] 

W]"Sometimes I feel that way too. Then I think about the good People I know." 

{Johnny looks up at the Sheriff and then nods. He knows what Walt's saying to him.

They return to Gambit's stall the horse reaches out to him. Johnny smiles and touches the Stallions nose. He goes home feeling a little better now that Gambit is safe.} 


{Three Weeks Later} (Texas Bent Bow Farms) 

{ Walt looks at Johnny. The other man is looking at the fields and sunshine as they arrive at the Stables where Gambit's owner is waiting. Gambit has been quiet the whole trip as if he knows he's going home. It's far warmer here than in Maine. Despite the time of year.} 

W]" You alright John you've been awfully quiet over there."] 

{Johnny Sighs as he looks out at the rugged hill country scene outside. he remembers another visit to this area.} 

J]" I came out to visit a relative of Mine in this area once. He had a good sized place. and there's this one hill top. The view was so beautiful. you could see for miles all around."] 

W]"Sounds great." {He says as he watches his friend's _expression.} 

{the barn owner Carl Mason, comes out and greets them along with the woman he now knows is Gambit's owner. A third Person stands by the barn door. Arms across their chest. Walt is lowering the ramp. Gambit moves forward and out of the trailer without amy coaxing from Johnny and is reunited with his owner.}  

Cm]"Thank you for taking such good care of Gambit Mr Smith." 

J]" you're welcome Mr. Mason."] 

Cm]"This is Gambit's owner Palmer Valentine."] 

{Gambit's owner looks at him for a moment, then back at the barn. She looks as if she want's to say something. But Gambit's return is more than she expected. And the stallion is acting like a love struck yearling. Then he turns to Johnny and nuzzles his hands.

Johnny smiles as he strokes Gambit's neck.  

J]"You behave yourself."] He tells the stallion. 

PV]"Do you have any relatives around here?"] 

J]"Used to though they might still be around why?"] 

{He sees awe in her eyes.} 

PV]" Oh just wondering."] 

{ After a while they are watching Gambit as he rejoins the herd.

Walt looks at his watch. Johnny knows he has to leave. They say their goodbyes and are on their way again.} 

W} "You look like you enjoyed bringing Gambit home."

J]" I did Walt. Thanks."] 

Fade out final credits.

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