The Badger's Den
Necessary Conversations Parts 3 & 4

Author: Paige Kaile  
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Kim and Pat were settling in at Silver Pines. Johnny was helping them get their new home in order.  Sara and Dana watched the whole thing at first perplexed. But after talking to Johnny about the pair they found themselves
happy to help. He had only told them that Pat was his niece, but not about her abilities.
So Whats with you, and those two Texas girls? Sarah asked.
While  Dana Bright, just stood there waiting for his reply. Johnny  smiled.
Pats my niece, Moms brother Markus left her Silver Pines and Im  just glad to have her here. Im sure Dana, can tell you Pats life hasnt been so easy. Despite the fact that her side of the family is wealthy,  Shes considered an Honor Criminal by the rest of the relatives. He began.
Sarah remembered how Johnny had been given the get lost routine by  his other relatives save for a few. Like  Cordell Walker. He had been completely  forgotten by them.  And with what she knew of Pats past,  Silver Pines must seem like heaven after so long  wandering on the pro circuit to  keep out of the reach of her fathers side of the family.
Dana remembered the AP reports about Pats Fathers will and a Texas Supreme Court decision, that declared the Will null and void as a contract for harm of another person. The relatives had to scramble before the state took everything away. But before long Pat had it all and had put Riley Enterprises under the control of Denver International. Franklin Denvers company had exposed  so many terrible genetic experiments on homeless people and runaways, that the company fell into receivership from the lawsuits and was auctioned off the entire fortune was gone in a months time and there were those who wanted Pat dead because of that loss. Pat how ever was spared from the fray.  In fact there was a trust for the young woman, that was quite substantial. Set up from her share of the legal actions, as she had been victim of another Riley Enterprises scheme, which misused government contracts to  put innocent people into a secret prison system. Wealthy companies and individuals, used this system to silence whistle blowers, and  those who had  verifiable legal claims against them. It caused a nation wide scandal.
The C IA, and FBI found that several senatorial candidates of both parties, had used this system. As well as many serving senators and congressmen.  These records came out during election years soon the voters began looking for who had the least number of political prisoners, to decide elections.
That led to scandals in both parties, and the  investigation into this still wasnt over.  But for Pat  the war, was over  she deserved a place to  finally retire to.  Hopefully it was here at last that she could  be the equestrian.

   Silver Pines,  gave both Walt and Johnny neutral territory on which they could socialize. It wasnt so tense between the two men any more.  Pat and Kim  became Walts newest Deputies in the Plain clothes division he had been looking to start for so long.   Now he had two very well trained officers, to  start with. He just let DPS rules apply the dress code was quite acceptable.  He put Roscoe in Charge and the three were able to get along very well.

Now three months later, Johnny Woke from a night mare soaked with sweat he slowly  got out of bed. His body was cold despite the way he was sweating.
His dreams had been the same. He began to wonder what happened to the others like him, when their jobs were done?  He sighed as he went into the Bathroom. It was getting harder to walk . The left hip was getting  weaker and he felt like some thing was wrong. His body just felt tired and his thoughts seemed to about time, and how much might be left. He hobbled back to bed and lay there thinking about the one vision that had bothered him most the Shaman. When he last saw the Indian medicine man, He had walked out of the cave, just as the meteor hit the mountain was enveloped in the fiery aftermath, and was gone. He hadnt seen any thing nor heard anything about anyone else like him, still being alive. This frightened him. He wanted to live but something deep inside him said his time was almost up. He felt a tear on his face.  He knew  what his last task was and how it would end.  There was also a sort of comfort that came from knowing it was going to end soon. He had never wanted this, he was someone elses pawn. If his being snatched up and tossed into the box, saved his friends and his son  then so be it. But how he wanted to live.
He had Pat and Kim as well as contact with his son now. Who would  be there for them? The thoughts kept whirling until Johnny could no longer stand  them. The ticking on  the old grand father clock down stairs began to seem very loud in his ears. He sighed as he picked up the book from beside the bed, and opened it.  Letting the words carry him away from the sorrow that had begun to weigh him down.

The next thing he knew it was morning,  Bruce was down stairs, He looked at the clock and sighed. The sadness was still there, but it seemed less smothering during the day. Though it still strangled him. He felt it wasnt as strong when he could distract his mind with even the most mundane tasks. It was all he had  but even this was failing him.

[Later that day]

  The odd thing about having heightened senses, was how you picked up on the moods of others. Pat looking at him with a Walker like expression.
She stood looking at the Man and the warrior instinct brought only one response. She moved between Stillson and the her uncle.
Well now, the Dark Ranger, You have some distinguished relatives Johnny.  The politician said. Johnny smiled as he looked at the
  Pat had been watching her uncle and knew something was wrong. She had  no choice but to notice. Then shed met Greg Stillson for the first time. The man seemed to be one of those sorts you found a likeable but evil character like Star Trek the Next Generations Q .
This man was truly the very essence of Q.  She found him, somewhat  likeable but at the same time didnt trust him. Didnt turn her back to him.  His scent and his presence seemed to come like one immortal sensing another. Even his body guard found that Riley and Sheridan knew when they either one  or both were around.  It even surprised her uncle, when Pat had known  Elliman was in Purdys office, earlier that day.

Hey Kid youre  infringing on my territory here. Johnny taunted her.
No, not yet Uncle John. She told him.  Her tone more serious.
He began to wonder Just what shed meant. She too seemed to know that something wasnt right. Johnny was there when Dr Gibson was doing Pats physical. She was astonished by the young Texans MRI.  She had never expected  this. And at Johnnys request she let him have the scans along with the explanations she had . Pat was even more fascinating than Johnny was in some ways. But what most  interested the doctor, was the naturally active dead zone the young woman had. Pats mind was not damaged yet where her dead zone should have been, was completely active. Maybe this accounted for a great many things.  Pat had probably  been having visions since she was very young but not knowing what they were, couldnt act on them. Add in the heightened senses, and Martial arts skills, she was a weapon that could do some  serious demolition!
Stillson had some med students,  On his payroll and got the information through them. He looked at the  file he had  gotten from his friend Sid Gram. Pat Riley was something more than just a psychic or a sentinel alone!
Pat had never seen any of this information.  But somehow she had a  known that something was wrong, with her uncle that there was a sadness weighing him down.  Pat looked up at Stillson.

Maybe you should start running Bubba! She challenged.

Stillson liked the spiritedness, of the young woman. He saw the fire in those blue eyes. Pat was such a resplendent being. He wondered if Johnny had been a minor distraction, if this woman were the threat he had so feared.
[If  this is the threat I had seen in my dreams perhaps surrender would be a very good idea.]

He looked at Johnnys eyes. Seeing the same contempt the other man had always had  with the added amusement, of watching  the former rangers feral instinct  come to the fore. Stillson had no  chance against her and neither had Elliman. Sonny had challenged Pat openly.  She  had dismissed him as less than an equal, several times in the past few weeks. Which made Sonny extremely angry.

Sheridan had been the same, She simply gave him this Youre not worth my time, look and walked away. But Greg knew that the threat of these three was far out weighed by their value as breeding stock. So when a Charles  Schabvey  came trying to get help in destroying Pat and her partner, Stillson sent him packing.

Mr. Stillson, you must know what a dangerous person Pat Riley is!

I do know and that is exactly what makes her valuable. Now if youd be so kind as to be back in Dallas, before you stop for the night Id be very  happy.

Schabvey, left Stillsons campaign head quarters angry and was met by several others.

What did he say? One asked.

Hes got his own agenda, We dont figure into it. Schabvey replied.

So is that it then do we just go home? another asked.
Schabvey looked at the window seeing Elliman behind him.

No, we have one more shot at getting rid of the Dark Ranger.  I think that I have planned well for this circumstance. We know that theres not a single politician who has a perfect record.  I called the one informational source who can get the dirt on anyone and everyone. Even the highest officials of the  hidden government. Schabvey said.

The four three walked away Elliman thought  about having them followed,
But with a major rally planned for three days from that moment, he had no time for intelligence gathering. He had to let it go.

Schabvey looked at the card given him by  the operatives of Charles Colstons Own choice for the second districts congressional seat. He went to the address and was met by a very distinguished elder gentlemen with salt and pepper hair. He smiled as he was invited inside. While his friends went back to their hotel to pack up their gear and fool Stillson into believing they had all gone.

So Mr. Schabvey, you see the truth about Greg Stillson.  His true agenda, is one that must be stopped. Hes really a criminal, His family are all criminals! Even after all these years my sons murderer, has never been brought to trial!  Colston said.  Gregory Amos Stillson, has been my worst nightmare,  he killed my son and two of his friends. Who were trail riding on the road  that you came here on. He killed them, by driving the horses off the cliff at the bend they fell five hundred feet to the rocks below!

Schabvey listened to him with interest, then an idea began to form in his evil mind. Mr. Colston, I  truly sympathize with you. And now hes using that freak Johnny Smith and another criminal who hid for many years behind the honor of a Texas Rangers badge, to get a position he doesnt deserve! If you help me then congress man  Hastings, has nothing to worry about. But Stillson will. I can assure you that when he loses this election he will kill himself! Or I will kill him for you. Whats in it for me, is the capture and execution of the Dark Ranger and Johnny Smith!

Colston looked at his second in command, who shook his head. He knew the story Schabvey was telling him wasnt true.
Colston looked up at Schabvey, and smiled. Then we have a deal  Mr. Schabvey. He said. Mr. Hunt will deliver the equipments youll need.

Hunt stood aghast as he let Schabvey out the front door. He returned to the  home office of his employer. A question burning in his eyes.

Ah you dont see my plans yet do you Quinn? Colston asked.

It has been a little vague. Hunt replied.

This young man, has given us the perfect opportunity to capture Johnny Smith, and now the Dark Ranger. They are both highly endangered, as it is. Leaving them to suffer the slings and arrows, of a world that hates them so when they deserve so much better. Who knows what  would happen to both of them, if Reverend Purdy decided that they were a threat to the empire hes built. Colston said.

Quinn nodded understanding his employers meaning. With their intelligence network had found out Stillson Planned to kidnap Johnny that very evening! The multi billionaire, began to see a chance to  put at least Johnny Smith into a much safer environment. Though it would mean that Schabvey would die at least Smith would live safe from harm for the rest of his life.  But his life would  change a great deal.

[The Smith house later that night]

A sound woke Johnny and he raised his head. His mind still too groggy to deal with the stranger, who was in his bedroom.  He was suddenly aware of the  needle in his neck, the feeling that he was too tired to fight. Despite Chris Wades  attempts to wake him, Johnny was soon being dragged toward the front door of his home. He was bound and tied, then put into the back of a van. All Wade, could do was watch.  But he now knew Johnny Didnt start the nuclear holocaust, that ended everything. But some how  they had managed to change the severity of that holocaust.
  The newly awakened Psychic, looked at the scene of this crime as things changed  again. The nukes never flew, Stillson had never been president, in fact the attack that left him a vegetable, never happened. He was robbed of his powers. But one terrible feeling remained.  Johnny was gone!
Colston , looked at the man on the gurney as thugs was delivered the psychic, to his home. He smiled as another man came up beside him.

Hey that who Im replacing? He asked. As he looked at the peacefully sleeping man. Colston smiled.

Just do your job, this will help you case to need his voice Mr. Schabvey. He handed the other man a small device. It digitally reproduces the voice needed  on command.  You  make this  Man,  a dead man and youll have what ever you need to capture the Dark Ranger. The rifle is in the trunk of the car parked out front. Complete plans of the TimmesDale  town  hall are in the briefcase in the front seat along with a very special body armor take the capsule three minutes before  you first see Greg Stillson. The blood  packs are filled with the same blood type as Mr. Smiths. The drug will drop you like a rock, but youll live. Colston left Schabvey, to his task. Taking Johnny to the medical team that waited inside.

Chris stood looking at his wife and daughter.
It was all undone, but  he still had the nagging feeling that he was needed else where. He couldnt think of why until her picked up the paper. Memories came flooding back to him as he looked at the headline on it.
He picks up the phone, but theres no answer at Faith Heritage University. He looks at his wife, and sighs and picks up the phone again. This time he dials another number.  Silver Pines Pat Riley. The familiar voice chimes.
He looks at the only picture that he had of his life before the witness protection program. The life that had forced him to leave Dallas.  His wife was in the kitchen, and didnt hear the name he gave. Pat its  Brandon Scott.

Part 4
The next day Johnny looked up at the clock in Walts office. They had been working on the way they have been thinking about Pats abilities.
Johnny looked at the stone sphere that sat a few inches away from him. He had experienced a sensory overload. It wasnt something he wanted to repeat.  That sphere, had been the object that sent him into that overload,
earlier that morning

John you o.k. ?  Walt asked as he helped the other man up from the floor. What the hell happened?

Johnny put the  stone down gently not wanting to further anger what ever powers were with in the sphere.

I think I understand now Walt. If what  happened to me, is what I think it is, this is  going to be tough to get Pat to talk about.
My senses seemed to be on all at a very high level, all at once. Which tells me one thing. Pat sees hears, tastes, smells, and feels more than we do. Johnny told him.
Her physical senses, are stronger some how. Its been there all along, only when she was isolated, In The hill country, did she have a real chance to develop an awareness of  her sensory abilities.

Walt thought about this a moment. Yeah O.k. but why didnt Walker, ask questions about it? Why let the kid think it was normal?

Johnny looked at his  friend a moment. Why make her teen age years any harder than they already were? Think about this a second Walt Weve all been there. Puberty, and the years between eighteen and twenty one, are the hardest. You not only have the problems of her not fitting in with the cool crowd, she doesnt fit with the outcast crowd either. This puts Pat in a very tough place already. The rejection of her immediate family, and then her peers thats got to be a heavy load already add to that her abilities, That was a recipe for trouble, that could have led her down a whole other path.  Can you imagine her using those abilities as a thief or  a professional killer?  Thats just why he never mentioned it, He left well enough alone, because it would have created more problems than it solved!

That was a scary thought you had there. About Pat being a professional killer,  I have her DPS target range instructors notes.
Walt began. Says here she put three bullets though the same hole in the target consistently. Every time she was on the range. The range master said it was spooky to have it happen once but for this student to be  this good a shot,  scared him every time he saw her coming. I can imagine  her as a hired assassin, and it is a very scary picture. She would be unstoppable and pricey.

Johnny nodded, Then Ive made my point. Walker  kept the abilities out of the equaision. Making it easier for Pat to deal with them, and the world around her.  The others probably helped, by just equating it with Walkers own seemingly unusual nature. A.K.A. Cherokee!

The two men  both sat thinking about this for a few minutes.  They now had Pat and Kim together and working out of a desk.
  They indeed had been  making Walt Look good Just as Johnny had predicted. Dana had been  a little upset by Johnny putting her off about an interview with the two of them . But she had agreed to wait and let the two young deputies get settled in. Locals at first hadnt wanted to accept the pair but after a month or so, the attitude was now one of curiosity.
The two newest deputies of the Penobscott County Sheriffs department, were still  too new to fully accept, but were  not actually being told to get lost. And Walt had what he wanted a new plain clothes division with highly trained officers.  The county was still undecided about the pair.
Pat and Kim still had reservations about their new protectorate too.
Johnny watched them work both in the station and outside. Their manner was very professional and courteous. Though they could trade verbal barbs, with the best as he had heard from Purdy. Who had witnessed the clash of Dana Bright and Johnnys niece one afternoon.

It was a very sharp contest but I think Pat won  considering the look on Danas face. The reverend told him.
It was at the local grocery store, Dana ran into Pat and Kim . Now Kim already has one in on Dana. Pat got her turn, and kept such a straight face, that poor Dana, actually had to retreat. They exchanged greetings, and at first everything was fine. Then Dana shot across Pats path. Something about her southern heritage, and her being a barbarian. Pat came right back with a direct hit about Dana being a legally blonde woman, hiding behind her friend LOreal. I managed to get home before actually laughing but the poor stock boys on the next isle, couldnt hold back that long.
Johnny and Walt both laughed, but were quickly silenced when Dana Came in,  looking very tired.  Johnny looked at Walt, he had never thought of Dana as the hair color type. Then  again She might just be.  She looked at him as he smiled good naturedly at her.

You talked to Reverend Purdy already.  She observed.

Walt looked at Johnny, Who shrugged, got up and graciously offered her lunch.  She looked up at him trying to be angry but couldnt. She knew that it wasnt his fault it had been a nonstop morning.  She accepted and they left Walts office.

Well have to talk more later Walt. He said as Dana joined him.

Walt watched them leave and shook his head. Dana Bright Superstar reporter,  had been a lot easier to deal with since she and Johnny had become closer. He had watched the carnivore become less and less savage. Except when she felt her territorial prerogatives were being infringed upon.
He smiled at the picture of the verbal exchange and settled back in his chair. This would be something Sarah would like to hear.

Across town Sarah, was finishing up her reports on the latest polls. Stillsons second Sonny Elliman took them and went back to Gregs office.
Sarah waited as Greg came up and they discussed the sudden change in his
situation. The new candidate he was running against Charles Colston had,  a lot more clout and seemed to have nothing to hide. No dark secrets no untoward business dealings the guy was Mr. Clean!  Sarah had spoken to Gerard Hastings just that morning the guy was a happily married man, who was a good upstanding citizen. Not even so much as a parking ticket or an overdue library book, marred his record.  And he was running a clean campaign. It was infuriating that this guy, was in the race but to have him ahead in the polls was an insult!

So hes Mr. Clean, how can we make it work for us? Greg was changing his tactics. He was thinking that someone with that good a record had to have come from another planet Sarah  shrugged. Perhaps its that record that makes him vulnerable to the wolves of Washington? Hes inexperienced, maybe easily swayed to vote for things he shouldnt. She said quietly. Greg smiled. I like that angle. Lets see how it plays.
Greg returned to his office, Sonny followed him and they settled down behind the desk. So hows our other two projects coming? Greg asked.
Sonny smiled. I found possible mates for both Johnny and Pat. Theyre both at Cedar Ridge now. All we need is to capture Them.
Greg smiled things were looking up already the breeding program was two for four so far.  Making it work four for four, and get past the locals who had come to think of Johnny Smith, as an early warning system to protect them from harm. Was going to be another.

So when do you move on Smith. He asked Sonny with feigned interest.

Tonight, then the happy couple will be off to a very safe location where theyll live happily ever after. Came the reply. Riley, will go looking at the good Reverends request. Then Vaughn, will  set a trap to catch her.

Stillsons day couldnt get much better than this. He had a secondary plan set up just in case the first didnt work. But he felt that since their first meeting with Mr. Vaughn, that his way was much better. He had wished he were one of the endangered human species that Vaughn was protecting and breeding on his secret island home. He loved the idea that Johnny would soon begin serving a new purpose, and bring more like himself into the world, as would Pat. Those children would be the protectors of every one in America, and He was responsible for their being alive and safe.
Though there were those, who might not see it that way. Sonny left at five and Greg sat relaxing in the big chair behind the desk. He decided to go find something more interesting to do. And found a young woman, willing to entertain him.  But just couldnt  get into the mood for sex. However a nice meal, and good company were just as interesting.

He was thinking about his decision to leave Johnny Smith alive despite his fathers admonishments to get rid of That Psychic Freak!

In a way he was getting rid of him. It was just not the way his father the dumb mutant hater  wanted him too.  [If he only knew what  I was.] Greg thought.  He began to think about the implications of a mutant even secretly working in congress. [ If you only knew the real danger, wasnt from me Its your own hate I know why you think Im running Dad, but youre wrong!
I will not support that mutant registration act everyone wants so much!
Ill fight it and Ill get those who will help me to fight it too.]
Pat Riley was riding in the ring at Silver Pines. Johnny found her there riding Skip, for the last time before she returned him to her trainer to become a school horse. She cantered to the last fence in perfect  harmony with her horse. She had just untacked him, and was  letting him graze When Johnny  finally walked over to the pair. Pat looked at the fields beyond the small paddock where Skip grazed. He was cooling out while Pat and Johnny, talked.

Whats up, you seem down  this morning? Johnny asked.

Its time to send Skip home, I promised Robert hed be a school horse for him and a good trail horse for his wife Linda, and its time for me to keep that promise. His training with me, is over. Pat replied.

Johnny looked at her in shock. I thought he was yours.

He always will be. Pat replied.

Hell always be right here with me. Pat replied
Holding  the pendant she always wore. Johnny looked at the sad smile Pat gave the horse as he reached his head toward her. The horse returned to the green grass of the paddock. She looked up at her uncle.

I trained him hes my horse and always will be. She said. Its hard seeing a horse I care for going home, but thats better than seeing him die like Magick did.

Johnny knew about Pheonix Magick. He had heard that was Pats reason, for going after the Dark Stars. But it wasnt revenge that made her go after that gang of her brothers. He had heard her words when the horse had been buried in a very secret part of Stone Hollow Ranch, which had been her family home. [I was Pheonix Magick, a horse, nothing more until I died three days ago. I was killed by a Gang in a drive by, a victim of a violence ignored by authority, in this town of  BruceVille Eddy Texas. I was not anything more than a horse Until a Gang members bullet made me something more.  I was a victim of gang violence. Let me be the last!]
The epitaph of a horse, that died in and was the call to arms by the Knight Shades and the gangs victims.  The video tapes made by those who had  used the camcorders and VCRs stolen by the Dark Stars gathered the tapes.
Then  with cunning that surprised everyone  put them into the hands of a legal system that wouldnt stand by and let this go any further. A month later the gang was gone, and so was Pats family.

Johnny looked at Skip. The horse seemed to be oblivious to the agenda of the day.  Pat had  his gear packed up and ready to go.  A truck and trailer came up the drive way as  she looked up.  Johnny saw that she knew the person whod be taking Skip home.

Kim was at the station. But Pat was here with Skip. Where she should be.
He felt as if some one, had taken a part of him too. Skip had saved his life.

He had to get back to the subject at hand.  Pat looked up at the other horses.
Johnny looked up too as a two year old bay stallion, came into view.
He smiled.
Pat How did you find those shell casings yesterday? The psychic asked.
The woman turned to look at him. Suddenly the focus of her  thoughts changed.

What do you mean? She asked him.

She wasnt sure how to  answer him, she had never really thought about it.
What attracted your attention, to that specific spot ? Johnny asked.
Pat looked at him with a curious thought. She was thinking about the
Uncle John, It was the smell of the gun powder . Pat replied. I smelled the spent gunpowder!

Johnny  nodded .  You used your senses, and it led you to the only evidence in a very serious case. Now how did you know to use smell?

I  cant hear what happened days ago. As for seeing it well thats your job. Pat said. There was only one thing left.  The only thing that would be out of place,  would have been scent.

Analytical  reasoning, very good. He told her. You have better control than I do.   He said happily.

The fact that they had been studying the Discs, Pat had given him. That they had been secretly recreating  some of the early experiments  that Sandburg had done with Ellison, gave them a lot of information. What Pat hadnt been aware that she had been doing before, she was now more aware of  now. Pat was very quick to catch on to things because of her time in the Wild,  instinct was telling her that this was important. So she was quick to learn. Kim began to find her place in this situation their relationship was symbiotic.   Pat and Kim needed each other.
Johnny was really glad that he was able to  work on this. If anything happened to him these two would be able to protect the rest of those he had come to call his family.

Things with Stillson had become more dangerous lately. There had been times Johnny had become worried that  the local version of Q as Pat had called the politician, was about to do something irrevocable.  The two women had some how been able to  stay under the radar of Stillsons  top goon Sonny Elliman. This had to break soon and when it did,  Johnny knew he wasnt going to walk away. He was going to die. But the result was that his death would be the end of  Greg Stillsons  grab for power.  It was a trade he was fully ready to make.

[Devaan New Hampshire]

Charles Colston, was walking in the garden, of his well manicured home.
He looked at the latest polls and smiled. His candidate  was ahead of Greg Stillson. Then he looked at the house behind him, and smiled. He had plans of his own.  It  was time to make the second part of his plans, come to reality. He pulled his cell phone, out of his pocket, and dialed a number.
There was a single ring and a voice answered.

Good morning Mr. Colston.  said a voice on the other end.

Good  morning  Mr. Fitzhugh. Colston began. Its time for phase two of our plans Mr. Fitzhugh. Dont kill Johnny Smith, just Greg Stillson.

Very Good Mr. Colston. Fitzhugh said.

The call was over, and  Colston  walked back to the house, where he settled into his home office.
The Decision not to kill Johnny Smith came after the finding of a deadly plague, that the psychics fore warning, had stopped in its tracks!  He had saved Colstons  grand son and every last person in that area. Johnny Smith had been proven non threatening,  unlike Stillson.

Colston, remembered his own son. The day the boy had gone trail riding, with friends and the man who had run the child down as pay back for Colstons  proving on of  his relatives guilty of murder.  The crime was  easily proven and the  person killed didnt  deserve to die that way.
Now James Avery Stillson was going to lose his son!  The entire Stillson clan was going to pay!


Sonny Ellimans  plan, was about to come to  fruition. Johnny Smith was home alone. And the Cedar Ridge van, waited in the darkness.  The last of the neighbors, were  in for the evening. Thered be no witnesses.
Were in position. A voice came over the radio.  Elliman answered them.
It  is a go gentlemen.   He told them.  The next thing was that the van rolled up to the house by passing the security system,  and approaching silently. Johnny was upstairs, getting ready for bed. When he was attacked. The two men who entered the house, and darted him from a distance.
He slumped to the floor, and was taken to the Van.
They never made it into the cab of the van  as two other men knocked them out.  Then drove away leaving them laying in the drive way.

Johnny woke in a small room. His face felt sticky and hot his throat was dry.  He opened his eyes. He wasnt at home anymore, that was for sure.
He washed his face, in a near by sink and a dark colored  substance rolled off  down the drain.  Looking at it, He was standing there. Looking at this
Discolored water.  He looked at it there was a smell like some kind of rubber. Johnny stood there a moment. What had been going on?
He thought. Was this the way it was supposed to happen Stillson had him kidnapped. Now he was being held some where, to await being the end.
Then the door opened.
Ah youre awake Mr. Smith. Good.  A tall distinguished looking man in his mid fifties, entered the room.  I hope you are feeling better pardon the haste of my  associates, in your handling.  But speed is of the essence.
What do you want? He asked. Just what you do to stop Greg Stillson.
Pat  came into the Sheriffs department. Kim and Walt were in the squad room with the rest of the deputies. She joined them and the others looked at her incredulously.
Hey Pat, hows it going? Roscoe asked.

Maybe I should be asking you that. Pat replied.

She found a place  between Kim and Roscoe. Walt smiled  seeing her  arrive.  Boys this is our newest officer, I think everyone  knows  Pat Riley at least by reputation. He said. As he looked at the others.
Pat nodded a greeting to them.

Hey Riley, Did you really capture six Mexican Drug Lords? Rivera asked.

Pat looked at the other men, and women, in the room. She looked at Walt and with a wily grin  replied. I couldnt take a Mexican vacation, and not bring something back for the DEA.

Kim smiled. As she nodded to her partner. Walt brought everyone back to the point at hand. Alright kiddies we have a double header here. He began
Theres the  kidnapping of Johnny Smith, and The Stillson Rally going on at the same time. So we need to figure out a way to cover both!

Its going to divide our forces, and we are going to be stretched thinner than usual.  Roscoe, you and Rivera, set up a team to cover the Rally.  Riley and Sheridan, youre with me, Lets go.  He said. As he went to the  door.  Pat and Kim followed.  The two women followed him out the door.
The  others took up their assigned tasks.

They arrived at the Smith house where two other deputies were holding the two men found at the scene.  Pat was listening to more than their replies to the questions put to them.  And she told Walt that the two men were lying.
He nodded and  changed his tactics.

So you  were walking down the street and saw two men trying to force Mr. Smith in a van? He asked  one of them.

The two men looked at the cruiser. They hadnt been able to see who was inside the car but someone was  looking back at them. Walt let them go.
Pat knew they had nothing on the two and watched them leave.
Kim  smiled at  she told Walt  what her partner had said.
When she had told her that the two were lying.
O.k. youre instincts were telling you they were lying.
Walt said. Prove it. He said.  Pat smiled. And went into the house.
Kim followed closely, she began to collect evidence that most forensics teams would miss. Proving the two men  involved with the van had been those who had been found at the scene.  But that they werent the ones who took her uncle.  Before they could leave the house, all hell broke loose.
A radio call saying Johnny Smith was dead, killed by Greg Stillsons  body guards, in an assassination attempt.  Pat looked at Kim. Walt was in shock but tried to get as much information as he could.  The next half an hour was spent trying to get a clear picture of this situation.  But it just became more bizarre. Stillsons men were claiming that it was their duty to protect their employer.  Pat however was shutting all this out. Walt watched the young Womans  eyes.  Greg Stillson, was being led out  by another deputy.
Kim was ready in case Pat attacked  Stillson but she didnt. She looked at
Walt, and then at Stillson.  Purdy looked at her  and then at Walt.
Pat had  never acted like this save once before.  And Kim knew what was going through her mind.

Oh Bubba, she is not a happy camper. Kim said worriedly.

Walt turned to her. What does that mean? He asked.

That you now have a war party of one! She isnt  going to let anyone slander her family and get away with it.

Kim handed him a small evidence bag, and  then walked away.  He looked at it seeing what appeared to be human skin inside. Purdy came over and looked at the contents of the bag.

What is that? He asked. Bannerman turned to him. With a perplexed expression. Right now the only thing keeping me from arresting Johnny, for attempted murder when I find him. Walt said.

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